by caring for your skin you
can make a child’s heart sing!


All children are special but Variety – the Children’s Charity and Divine Cosmetics are asking you to join them in sparing a thought for those less fortunate, those who live and grow up with a disability or serious illness. These are extra special children; children who require a special brand of care and help.
Your purchase of a Divine Skin Moisturiser will help Variety grant vital equipment, programs and experiences under 3 core programs:
The Variety Freedom program is the gift of independence, self-esteem, mobility and communication. Under this program, Variety grants wheelchairs, standing frames, walkers, personalised tricycles, communication aids and computers, wheelchair vehicle modifications, 12 and 24 seat Sunshine Coaches and Liberty Wheelchair Swings! Each piece of equipment makes a child’s life more comfortable, more exciting and less dependant on others!
The Variety Future Kids program is the gift of education, achievement, experiences and play. Under this program, Variety grants children with social or distance disadvantage or disabilities scholarships to fulfill their academic, sports, music or arts potential by granting specialised equipment, tuition and coaching and other practical support, as well as fun outings and experiences. You and your purchases will help children receive what they need and deserve!
The Variety Caring for Kids program is the gift of support, survival and recovery. Under this program Variety grants children’s intensive care medical equipment and emergency transport equipment to children’s medical facilities and transport services. The Variety Vision for Life high definition tele-medicine network is a major part of the Caring for Kids program. 
Simply by caring for your skin, you can help save lives!
The equipment you and Variety will grant provides life changing impacts on Australian children who are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs. Below are quotations from real letters received by Variety – they come in daily!
Every Child in need is a Variety child.

Thank you for joining us in such vital work for children!
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“The life changing experience of having a terminal illness enter your home and afflict one of your children is without description to say the least, but to have a potentially terminal genetic disorder that has affected (in varying ways) all 3 out of 3 children is devastating! Variety’s gift of a lifter (worth more than $6000) to help us move our children, has made our journey a great deal easier and for that we are extremely grateful!”
“The provision of the Liberty Swing in our playground has made it possible for our wheelchair bound students to participate in a simple, fun children’s activity, which was previously denied them. Now they are active participating members of the group, rather than passive watchers. Thank you to Variety – the Children’s Charity.”
“Caring for premature and newborn babies requires the best and most innovative technology together with a peaceful and stable environment allowing them to grow and thrive. On behalf of everyone at Newborn Care, thanks so much for generously granting another humidicrib for our newborn intensive care department.”